Take your blog promotion Offline

Take your blog Offline

Don’t mistake what the article is about by seeing the title, I am not asking you to take your website or blog offline. I am asking you to extend your publicizing and activities also offline in addition to the online activities.

It’s always good to take your blog promotion beyond the internet and limited online circle. There could be lot many ways that you can take your blog offline. Recently I have started working on this action item and it has showing some great results.

Attending WordCamps and Conferences

A great method to improve your blog’s exposure is by keeping your ears open and finding out the right events to attend in the blogosphere. If you are a wordpress blogger, yearly almost in all countries, there are programs organized for wordpress bloggers called WordCamps. Such events will certainly allow you to socialize with other bloggers and open up new opportunities.

Importance of Offline social networking

Even though you might not have as many opportunities offline as you may find online, it’s a great idea to find like minded bloggers and webmasters to discuss and even connect offline. It will certainly improve your knowledge, skills and also you might be able to strike a good partnership.

Word of mouth marketing is still a great way

When you already have the basics in place, like good content and great unique information. You should certainly try to share more about your blog or website to your friends and relatives. Most of the great startups did spread this way.

If there is quality, nothing will stop you from being successful. It’s a smart idea to keep your business cards and flyers ready with you to share with potential blog users who might be interested in your niche.

Sponsor and Organize local Events

If you want to make it big faster, you could even start a meetup group or club to sponsor a bloggers event in a small way. Once your first even is successful, you will find  potential sponsors who might be interested in the niche that you are concentrating on.

Take Home: Your success offline and online again depends solely on the quality of the content and value that you offer online, so have that first step clear, make sure you take your blog offline and take advantage of the people you know offline as well.