The 200 Minutes of Daily Blogging Plan

The 200 Minutes of Daily Blogging Plan

Do you blog on a regular basis? Not everyone can cater enough time to blog everyday especially when you are engaged in a permanant day job. Hence this post is clearly aimed at those bloggers who have already taken up their blogging journey on a professional level.

I will today share my schedule and plan according to which I drive my professional blogging activities on my two primary blogs that I work 5 days a week on. If you are earning a livelyhood from your blog, it certainly demands enough time and effort from your every single day. I work on two blogs on a daily basis and ensure I spent atleast 200 minutes (mostly not more than that) every day on blogging and related activities. Here is how the 200 minutes are split into several webmaster activities.

The 200 Minutes of Daily Blogging Plan

 50 Minutes of writing & researching content everyday (2 x 50 = 100 minutes)

Researching content and planning your article is as important as writing / publishing the same on your blog. I spend about 50 minutes for one good post and that includes both research and writing activities. Repeating the same on two of my major blogs will easily account for about 100 minutes spent this way.

30 Minutes of Publicizing and Professional Networking (2 x 30 = 60 minutes)

Publicizing your content and professional networking with other blogs and bloggers is equally important as publishing great / unique content. This activity requires attention every day because, it does not make sense promoting a post written today, after one month. Publicizing and networking includes commenting on other similar niche blogs, taking part in related communities, replying to posts on popular forums etc.

20 Minutes of Maintainance and SEO / SMO (2 x 20 = 40 minutes)

Maintainance is a critical activity when it comes to enhancing your blog features and keeping up the quality of the content management system as a whole. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are two sides of the same coin where the former is long term content promotion and the latter is immediate content promotion.

The activities sum up to a total of good two hundred minutes and is just over 3 hours of your day, leaving you with another 21 hours to spend time with your family and focus on other activities. Such a plan if seriously adhered to, am sure you blog and online brand will recieve the attention and success it deserves! Let me know your daily blogging plan..