The Art of Ethical Blogging

The Art of Ethical Blogging

Blogging is no longer a hobby and if you have a widely accessed blog, you ought to be more serious about the content you are publishing. As Spider man says “with great powers come great responsibilities”

Craft your own unique content

As a genuine blogger, make sure you write your own content and say a big NO to content theft. Initially picking content from other blogs might look easier and fetch you short term traffic but this would be very dangerous when your blog starts gaining attention.

Even though writing your own content might be quite an effort, it will certainly benefit you and your blog on the long run. Enjoy writing and this approach will help keeping blogging a pleasant and stress free loom.

The Art of Ethical Blogging

Transparency is always appreciated

Try to be more transparent and open when you share your ideas through your blog. If you know something that very few people know, simply share it or later someone else will share it and take the credit. Blogging is the best content oriented business model and if you continue to share the most unique content you will certainly be noticed in the blogosphere.

Only recommend what you are really sure of

I have often observed a trend that many bloggers adopt while promoting products to improve their affiliate earnings. People tend to search for the most popular product and promote it assuming that everyone will enjoy using the product.

The real truth is that not all people think alike! There might be lot of people who might dislike the product too, this will result in your blog users losing trust on your recommendations and eventually when you recommend a genuine product they might not appreciate.

The approach that really works for me in affiliate marketing is by testing the product prior to recommending to my users and being transparent. If you don’t like it, be clear why you think so, frankness is always appreciated.

Be sure that you spread the positive vibe

Blogs are great medium to share or publish information and views. Make sure your views don’t hurt or harm someone else’s sentiments or opinions. If you are either recommending some service or expressing your opinions, it is vital to use the right language and spread the positive vibe.

Appreciate when you discover value

Never hesitate to even recommend a competitor blog if you find their service or content valuable. Appreciate and link to other great blogs and do not hesitate thinking it might lead to their success. Effectively use trackbacks and ping-backs to network with other website and blogs.

Your blog is an internet property that will be observed, rated by many experts or individuals and it will positively be acknowledged by sensible readers.

Take Home: For some of you blogging might be a hobby and business for other, but all of us share something – we share information and knowledge. Let us all Pledge to do Ethical Blogging!



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