The best method to boost your website Page Rank

The best method to boost your website Page Rank

The latest Google Page Rank update was on 27th June 2011 and it was a surprise for me! I personally am not a big fan of the page rank building activity as I don’t sell any text links for money. The only reason Page Rank could be important for me is that it helps boost your website content ranking on the search engine results as PR is one of the factor that determine the SERP as per the Google Search algorithm.

I was surprised with the PR update:

As I mentioned earlier, I never did work on link building to improve my page rank but the latest page rank update gave my OC Blog a PR 4 and my 5 months old Napincome blog a PR 2. If you are already wondering how I got decent page rank without any efforts on SEO the trick is:

  • Writing quality content for my Blog
  • Writing guest articles on other top Blogs

The first method is the most important! If you write quality content on your blog and deliver value to your readers through your blog, people will gradually start appreciating the value of the content by linking back to your articles, this will certainly add on to auto link building for your website.

The second method is most effective when your blog has fewer readerships and is relatively new. If you would want to publicize your blog and content, then the best method is to write articles for the already established top blogs in your niche.

Combining these two methods, I could relate to the steep and unexpected PR jump for my websites. Hope you have understood what to do next to promote and push your blog up the ladder. Wishing you all the luck for your blogging activities!



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