The best WordPress Plugins for your Recipe website

With Google Launching an Official Google Recipe Search feature on Google search, we know that recipe business is getting into a real serious league. If you own a recipe blog or website, there are loads of new search based technology development in this niche that you might want to be aware of.

Google has introduced a “Recipe” search feature / page to the official Google search portal thereby making it easier for people to search for recipes based on certain well defined search criteria. The same applies to web designers and webmasters while posting recipes (to ensure your listing gets listed in the recipe search in the right format).

google recipes

Google Introduces Microformats, what is it all about?

With Google introducing the recipe view, microformats became really important aspect especially for food bloggers. These are part of code that uses microdata to help Google identify and list specific aspects like rating, time for preparation, calories etc. right within the Google search results.

If you are not efficiently using microdata and microformats yet, it is high time you start using them. With Microformats utilized, your website search results too appear as shown in the above format, thereby allowing users to preview key information before opening the website (in addition, also your website could stand out from the other food bloggers).

The WordPress advantage: We have plugins to deal with Microformats

If your food blog or recipe blog is running on WordPress, you are lucky – you do not have to get your hands dirty with coding microformats each time you post a new recipe entry. There are some awesome high quality free food recipe plugins for WordPress that will automatically enter the information in microformats.

In my personal opinion, the two most powerful and best plugins for recipe blogs capable of automating your recipe writing process with the help of an inbuilt recipe wizard are:

These plugins once installed, will give you a button on the “new post” page to insert recipes and the popup wizard will ask you information on the ingrediants, author, instructions, servings, calories etc. and enter them automatically into microformats thereby making it available for the search engine bots to directly pickup. In addition, they have several templates to choose from to show off your recipes!

google recipes 1

google recipes 2

Check out these awesome recipe plugins and let me know your feedback on both the plugins and your experience with using microdata / microformats on recipes to output awesome looking search results.