The Effect of Hyphen in a domain name on SEO

The Effect of Hyphen in a domain name on SEO

It has been a long debated topic about whether to register a hyphenated domain or simply without hyphen between the keywords. I have found on may discussions where SEO experts claim to say that hyphens are considered as “space” by search engine bots and its better to have a hyphenated domain name.

I have tried out optimizing one of my website with and without the hyphen and come to a conclusion after much testing that a domain name WITHOUT the hyphen seem to perform way higher than the hyphenated one.

The various advantages of not using a hyphen in domain names are:

  • It gives more credibility as most older and authority websites do not use hyphen as a trend
  • Search engine algorithms are advanced enough to identify two separate words without a space
  • The hyphen might break your keyword and thereby pushing you below in SERPs
  • It seems to be a myth that hyphenated domain names could improve your SERP
  • A hyphenated domain name is not the best option to “brand” a domain

I would strongly suggest to go for a non hyphenated domain name and in case you have an option of both the options available, to be more sure, you could get both of them registered and one redirected to your parent website.

If you have a different opinion or view point, kindly share with me and I am open to learning!


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