The Era is of Open Courseware

This is the age of information. There should be no doubt in our minds to admit that we are so fortunate than our predecessors, our ancestors to exist during an era when there are no boundaries to share and transmit information. The internet (cloud) has wide opened the possibilities of gaining knowledge about practically anything between the earth and the sky and also beyond that. Websites like Google, Wikipedia are household terms and have contributed greatly to our understanding of several people, things, topics in every field, be it science, history or even computers.

As many people are unaware of, Some of the top universities in the world have opended gates to their information to be shared with the rest of the world in the form of Open CourseWare, a form of e-learning, wherein topics lectured are recorded and are made available free for public usage. Also pdf, and other forms of textures and transcripts can be downloaded free of cost which makes these priceless pieces of information accessible to any corner of the planet. Apart from these, a complete list of streaming video courses is available on YouTube, that is maintained by respective universities which can be downloaded using compatible software. It is my urge to start awail the benefits of these and gain immense knowledge from the ocean of information available.

Here is a small list of links to some universities which have started the open course ware:

Hope you enjoyed this guest article by Vikramaditya Rayaprolu.


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