The fountain rule of blogging


What did you do with your fist paycheck you earned from your blog? If you have not made any money then don’t worry! You would for sure earn yours soon, the possibilities of earning with blogging are REAL and endless – I promise! Now let me let me tell you my story. With my first paycheck from blogging I bought a theme from Elegant themes for 19 USD and I still consider it to be one of my good decision. I enjoyed moving from a free theme to a premium theme and my blog was looking great.

Today I would share a very simple rule that worked for me very well and it’s still working for all my new start ups as well. I have named the rule as “Fountain rule of Blogging”. It’s often observed that many bloggers start complaining that they are making money from the blog but their earning isn’t increasing as time passes by. You should always remember that your blog requires food for growth as well and it will not reach an auto pilot earning system very quickly and you need to feed your blog with growth tonics till then.

Why I call it The Fountain rule

We all know how a fountain works, don’t we? The rule works the same way as well. asically it’s the method of re-investing your income back into your blog to promote, improve and enhance your blog. This would certainly fetch you more income and certainly help your blog to grow. In short spend the fountain style.

How do I start off?

  • Keep a track of all the sources of income your blog has (AdSense, Banner ads, Affiliate sales etc.)
  • Know your basic blog expenses well. (Domain, hosting, newsletter management etc.)
  • Find out potential areas of improvement for your blog
  • Know the difference. ( Blog Earnings – Blog Expenses)
  • Feed the difference back to your blog.

Need more on how I do it every month?


When is started earning about 400 to 500 USD after few months of dedicated work on one of my new blogs, I decided to spend back at least 300 USD back. And in the next 2 – 3 months, my earnings spiked 100 to 150 USD more. Some of the blog investments I do on start up blogs are:

  • Get a quality premium theme that looks professional and neat
  • Set up a email newsletter management service like Aweber or MailChimp
  • Purchase selected premium plugins that are worth paying for
  • Invest on SEO and social bookmarking premium services.
  • There are more to you can do to improve your blog user’s experience.

PS: The fountain rule ONLY says to spend from what you get, so make sure you do not over do it!


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