The Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing

The Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to earn an online income from your blog by promoting the best products available in your niche and easily earn commissions from the sales converted.

Through this article I would like to share the best affiliate marketing methods that have helped me convert numerous sales from my blog and consistently earn an income online.

Only recommend products that you trust

It is often observed that webmasters tend to promote either the best selling products or higher commission sharing products. This is ideally not the best approach I would recommend you to follow for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

There could be lot of products that might pay you huge commissions, but remember that when a person purchases a product based on your recommendation, he or she trusts you and if you are proved wrong – you fail to convince the same person once again.

Download a trial version of the product or request a review copy from the product development team and ensure you test the same before recommending it.

Avoid becoming an Irritating salesman

It is vital that you only share your opinion on products that you recommend and not force your visitors to purchase the same, if they feel the product is right for them they would certainly purchase it from you. Over marketing a product will make you look like an irritating salesman.

Give your readers with a free alternative

Each time you recommend a product that would help you achieve something, make sure you share an alternative method that would help them achieve the same without shelling money. This will make sure that you retain the majority of visitors who are not in a situation to spend money on products but still solve their problem even if they have to take a longer route.

Thank them and request Feedback

It is a good idea to request feedback from your blog visitors who have purchased the product based on your recommendation and let them know you are interested to know what they think about the product.  Make it a point that you try to recommend products that offer a trial period or money back guarantee as this assures that they do not lose out the money in case they are unhappy with the purchase.

Finally, do not overdo it

Each time you make an affiliate sale and you get paid, do not become greedy and overdo affiliate marketing. Limit the number of products you promote and ensure you continue to share quality information through your blog rather than breaking out into a promotional explosion.

Take Home: Affiliate marketing is all about converting content into traffic – > Traffic into Trust -> Trust into Sales. The baseline is the trust relationship with your readers, never compromise on your blog authority and credibility.



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