The Google Adsense Journey!

Why Google Adsense Success requires Patience!

Provided you have a decent website with some great content, Google Adsense is the BEST and most convenient monetization method to earn a stable and passive income. Even though I will not get into many details, you can see the stability in the Google Adsense earnings for me over the period of last 6 months. Be it a recession, non-recession period, markets are down, bulls are roaring or bears are screaming, for a given website with a stable traffic, the earnings are super stable. That’s why I call Google adsense as the most reliable form of monetization method for webmasters and bloggers (provided you stick to their TOS).

The below chart shows that even though I don’t post articles frequently, it really does not have a huge impact on the Adsense graphs, mainly because of the steady search engine based organic traffic that is attracted by quality content on the website. Even though your start might not be very encouraging, the earnings might be really low; you should understand and believe that Google Adsense has huge potential in bringing hard cash. There are thousands of webmasters who earn several multiples of my approximate earnings given below and the only reason is the great content they have on their websites.

Rather than focusing too much on making money, initially, focus on building great content and valuable readership! This will help your website attract more organic search based traffic which later will fuel the Google Adsense monetization. The below PDF document shows how much time it took me to really reach my goal. My newer websites reach the target faster because, I now believe in the power of Adsense and that makes it easier to focus on my efforts and rather not on my earnings!



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