The importance of Blogging frequency

The importance of Blogging frequency

Today we will discuss a very important topic – Blogging frequency. Simply starting a blog and having a couple of good articles that rank high on search engines does not get your blog to become a successful blog.

The three important related factors that play a major role in a blog’s success are:

  • Blogging frequency
  • Consistency
  • Patience

All the above three factors are inter-related and have a key role in the success of a blog. As we say, Rome was not built in a day, so is the case of a successful blog. Its easy to kill a successful blog by simply stopping to post new articles.

The importance of blogging frequency

Have a schedule:

Its always a good idea to have a schedule for posting your new articles on to your blog. Make sure you have a defined target of “n” number of posts in a month and you meet it.

As a blogger I always say, its important to blog only on niches or topics that you really are passionate and interested about. So it shouldn’t become a pain or formal chore for you to consistently add new blog posts.

Technical importance of Consistent posting:

From a search engine perspective, its really important that the content on a blog or a website needs to be periodically updated to improve your website’s crawling and indexing. So blogs and websites with frequently updated content all the time have an upper hand on the SERPs

Take Home: Do not dream of becoming a Problogger over night and leave your efforts half way. Patiently keep trying and consistently pool in your efforts and eventually you will reach your goal of earning a good living and work satisfaction.

Hope you have enjoyed the article on the importance of blogging frequency.


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