The Importance of planning your Blogging activities

The Importance of planning your Blogging activities

Planning is very important to avoid any sort of surprises, be it your life or your blog. At times we have stuff going erroneous even after planning them well, so when it comes to professional blogging, let’s not make any mistakes.

Have a well defined business model

Blogging is no longer a hobby or a time pass activity. It has become a profession for years for thousands of professionals using their knowledge and skills to share and help others using the internet.

It is very vital that you have a well defined business model. You have to plan how your blog or website is supposed to generate an income for you in a defined period of time. It could be affiliate marketing, banner ads or even paid writing gigs. Once you have this piece of the puzzle in place, you can plan your activities accordingly.

Have a narrower niche to blog about

This is the age of experts, everyone appreciates expertise and knowledge. It is very important that your blog has a targeted audience to share the information that you are blogging about.

Hence, you should define a niche and expertise for your blog to attract a targeted traffic to your blog. This would be the key to monetize your blog content and traffic.

Plan and schedule your blog posts

It is a very good practice to plan and schedule your blog posts well in advance. WordPress has a setup that allows you to pre publish and schedule your posts. This will ensure you have enough time for your other blog promotion activities. You can learn how to schedule your WordPress posts here.

Plan your SEO and SMO activities

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. Both of them are equally important parts of your blog promotion and publicizing efforts.

Allocate a time slot for each of the as they are most effective when performed on a daily basis rather than being performed a weekly or monthly basis.

Have enough time for your personal and family

After all we are all bloggers by choice. The main reason I love my profession as a Problogger is that, I have enough free time to spend with my family and friends. I decide my office and work hours.

Avoid over stressing yourselves with timelines and blogging deadlines, enjoy your blogging and keep it an enjoyable affair. This ensures that you will always love your work and simultaneously find success.

Take Home: We all love blogging and also want to be successful. With as little time as 24 hours a day and loads to do, it is very critical that you plan your activities and stay focused.

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