The Latest Trends of Website Design In 2012

The Latest Trends of Website Design In 2012

The year has started afresh and there are some defined patterns noticed in the website designs. Most are similar to 2011, but there are some crucial changes that I am talking about. The year started off with Google changing privacy policy, browsers adopting do not tracks and Facebook getting uplifted etc. All these had their influences on the website design trends.

Responsive website design

The first trend is creating the responsive business designs.  Why is being responsive so crucial? The acumen was the varying screen size. Being responsive was a trend that started in the year 2010, the web designs being more brilliant and more satisfying. 2011 also the emergence of the websites being coded responsibly and the result was evolved websites. Having a version for the mobile phone also became new progressive option, because let’s face it, by the end of this year more than 95 percent of the population would own smart phones or tablets. Being accountable taught the developers to worry about the content of the website. With the Google Panda updates, relevant content became the primary objective. The design elements now need to be compatible with the content. Simple, clear and easy fonts help create the ideal impression on the end-users.

2011 saw the intuition of responsive website design, but 2012 geared up quite a few notches.

Adopted grid systems

The grid systems adopted has regained more popularity. It only makes the website be more apparent of its objectives. Frameworks were approved from the previous year because of its inherent fluidity that it lends to the website. The other added attribute is discipline.

Typography and its growing trend

Typography has been there from times immemorial. Famous personnel like Steve Jobs studied typography and its importance during his college days and this was like 30 years back. The typography was found to have immense effect on the people perceiving the content. With people being more aware of the typography, web designers and developers are using combination tools to accomplish the covetous position.

Fonts: loud and yet subtle

Last year people realized about the importance of fonts in the website. The fonts should always be chosen which would reflect the intentions and the purposes of the enterprise. People share information, idea and other matters on the Internet. The web is like the vast ocean of knowledge. More than anything, the targeted demographics expect simple contextual write-ups that would provide the solution. 2011 saw people appreciation of related content and 2012 will ensure that the content of the websites is emphasized upon.

The dilemma of the scroll

The undying question of “to scroll or not to scroll” would trouble the web designers forever. But with the advent of the smart phones and the tablets, people have realized that scrolling is not so bad after all. Scrolling stopped being a problem and the fold’s importance lessened too. With the smaller screens now a norm, scrolling was easily accepted and embraced with great gusto. The “fold” would go on to become history by the end of this year.

The parallax effect is new fad. A sort of scroll unlike the wheels or the track pad, this scroll enables you to reach the desired place clicking the buttons of the menu. Though it has some issues, it is great in harmonizing the conflicts between the fold lovers and those other people.

Modular Interface

Integrating modular interfaces is also something new and quite popular although some still find it debatable. Research is still on and hopefully by this yearend we will be able to grasp its working process.

Google Web Fonts

Today the choice has become minimalistic and this has found its way into website design. The simplistic design rules and this style would remain to dominate the rest of the year. Easy to code and appealing in the appearance, the websites are precise, contextual, and simple. The idea is to give information as fast as possible.

Other than these few, there is not much new stuff to see in 2012. The designers and the developers would continue on the same track just improving the concepts and the tools. Implementing these trends, California Web Design Company, has been able to procure these latest components to provide the best.


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