The Link building method that works

The Link building method that works

Even though having great content is the primary success formula for any blog, having a solid SEO foundation plays a major role in the steady growth of the blog.

The best approach to optimize your blog for search engines is by link building. The conventional method of link building is directory submissions, article directory submissions and signature based link building. Today we would discuss a more practical and effective approach towards building links in a more ethical and steady approach that works well with the modern world search engine algorithms.

Step 1: identifying the pages, keywords and anchor texts to link your pages to.

The first step towards link building is by identifying the targeted keywords to use for the anchor text to use in the back links. Once the research is done to identify the most appropriate keywords and anchor texts, we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Writing unique and quality content in the relevant niche topic and using the links with the anchor text within the articles. The articles would serve as the platform for the link building. Make sure you have atleast 3 articles to start with for your first campaign.

Step 3: spin these unique articles using a good quality article spinner application. My recommendation is to use ” the best article spinner” this application would spin your unique article to 5 – 6 unique versions.

Now the spun articles would result in a total of 15 unique articles for the effort of three. The Idea is to have 15 unique articles with atleast 2 backlinks each to your blog or page. That makes it 30 back links from a mere 3 unique articles.

Step 4: submit these articles to top article directories or ezines. Find out a list of the best free article submission directories and submit these 15 articles to them and this would result in 30 easy backlinks from some high PR article directories.

Rinse and repeat this formula to see some great changes in your website traffic and rankings.

A Better and Easier workaround 

The above method of link building works really well, but if you don’t have the enough time, resource or knowledge, you could try another better alternative that I use to automate the entire process by using Unique Article Wizard. 

UAW works like a magic by doing all the link building and article spinning work for you in an automated fashion. All you have to do is write a high quality unique article and submit it at the UAV control panel and it automatically spins the article into several unique versions and automatically submits it to more than 10000 high quality article directories hence converting one single article to 10K link backs with shuffled anchor texts.

NOTE: The UAV is a very carefully crafted web based system that it take cares of the uniqueness of the spun articles, submissions and even shuffling of the anchor texts to make it look natural. In addition, the link building is not a big bang, it is gradually submitted over time to avoid any sandbox issues. All you have to do is write one good article a week for your keyword and submit it to UAW.



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