The most discouraging first 6 months of Blogging

The most discouraging first 6 months of Blogging

Often when you start a new blog you will be excited and enthusiastic in writing content, keyword research, SEO and promotion. I call this first month as the magical month! You will have the maximum amount of content written with high energy.

Second month onward the content frequency will reduce and stay at a decent blogging frequency for around 3 – 4 months. You will enjoy the changes and growth in traffic throughout this period – I call it the reality month.

After the first 6 months its common that you find that the traffic and income are not showing much progress. This could be discouraging and can slow down your rigor and efforts. I call this phase as “the blogger’s itch”

How to overcome the Blogger’s itch?

It’s easy to overcome this situation, simply ignore the fact that the income and traffic is stagnant, keep consistently adding good content and work towards a long term goal. Eventually you will see a sudden and huge change that will again continue to motivate you further as a professional blogger.


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