The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel

The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel & Videos

If you are capable of making some unique video content, then you sure qualify to make money online from your free YouTube channel online. Today, we will discuss the possibilites of earning from your YouTube channel by creating a channel and uploading quality and unique videos to your video channel.

I personally started my YouTube channel and video collections online as a hobby and it feels great to share the results that I have been seeing in the past months enabling me to monetize my videos into real cash that could help produce further videos. Below is a screenshot from my YouTube channel analytics and it shows how possible it is to monetize your original content.

The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel & Videos

If you are a webmaster, you already would have the Google Adsense account that makes it really easy to monetize your YT channel views  because the YouTube channel interface has an option to link your channel to your Adsense account and become a YT partner to start monetizing your videos.

Create unique and Original content

The first key to a successful YT channel that will last from being banned is by ensuring you add genuine content. As per YouTube TOS ( Terms Of Service) you will be able to monetize your content only if they are solely owned and created by you, if you are not sure of how to get copyright free music, there are several websites online that allows you to download background scores to use for the videos you create, hence its not required you need to be a music composer as well.

Use the appropriate title, tags and keywords

In addition to creating quality and unique content, its also important that you chip in the basic efforts to optimize your videos for YouTube search as well. You can ensure this by having catch titles that attracts a click and relevant keywords, description, thumbnails and content. Its a sure bet that the content could go viral if it has the potential to persuade viewers to share them to their community and further invite more clicks and views. With the growing popularity and views on your video it will automatically promote your video up in the YouTube search positions as YT algorithm itself is designed in that way.

Frequently keep your Channel updated and improve the subscriber base

Its vital that you keep your channel active by adding more and more relavant content in the identified niche to keep your subscribers glued to your channel and ensure more subscribers get into the wolf pack. The initial stage of marketing your YouTube channels and videos are quite challenging but later down the line, you have the privilege of simply uploading your videos and waiting for it to get atleast half the subscriber count of views instantly because of the already seated audience.

Publicize your videos in various platforms 

Improve the visibility of the videos by embedding them in different relevant websites, forums and discussion pages where people find the video relevant and continue to share them. Another viable option is to add video responses to related videos to further drive related searchers to your videos and end up subscribing due to the superior quality expected form you.

Advantage of YouTube monetization business model

The major advantage of YouTube video marketing and monetization is that its everlasting. Once your video has a decent amount of views, there are only possibilities that it can keep on increasing by driving more and more visitors from the YouTube search serving millions of visitors daily and also traffic from the automatic related videos based on the tags used. That means, the money you receive is only going to improve and increase with time and more and more videos added to your YT account.

Plan, strategize and explore this awesome platform by identifying your niche of expertise and how you can make your stronghold by creating a useful YT channel serving others who might be interested in your content. Wishing you all the luck and do let me know your thoughts on YT monetization and how it could help drive your business.


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