Time never waits even for a Blogger

Time management for bloggers

Blogging is no more a mere hobby, its turning into serious content management or knowledge development business model where webmasters spend endless hours sharing quality and unique content for their readers.

When there is so much to do to stay ahead, it becomes critical how you manage your time effectively. Especially when you are working for your day job and simultaneously single handedly taking care of your blog and publicizing activities it becomes really tricky to take blogging forward without any strain.

Below are few tips that would help you to effectively manage your time and make sure your blogging activities are in sync with your plans and expectations.

time management for bloggers

Have a plan and schedule

Today’s blogger has a lot to do and very little time. It is important to plan your activities and allot time for each of them. As a blogger I have the following key activities and I divide my work hours to each of them and progress systematically.

  • Writing article for my 2 primary blogs – Orangecopper and NapIncome.
  • Write articles for my 2 niche websites
  • Maintain and check my 4 community portals
  • SEO activities and link building
  • Article writing and marketing.
  • Social networking and publicizing
  • Research and market study
  • Manage my web hosting business.
  • Manage my web development business.
  • Respond to user comments and emails.

With so much to do, it’s important that I have dedicated time slots for each of the activities and move on to the next one when the allotted time is done.

Don’t fall into the Internet Black hole

Yes, internet is simply a huge black hole that sucks you in when you are online. It has got tones of valuable information just waiting to suck you into reading them and spending time online.

I usually do not stay connected when I write my articles and do them offline then when I am ready to publish I connect and do that. This makes sure that you don’t waste your valuable time.

We should make sure that we do not elongate any activities and cut the crap. Especially while replying to emails or responding to business contacts, we should be right to the point and make sure we don’t waste much time on the activity.

Schedule your article posting

It is not a bad idea to schedule posts on your primary blogs for a few days ahead. I make sure I have at least 15 days advance posts scheduled on my WordPress system. This gives me enough time to concentrate on my other online activities.

Take Home: Time never stops for anyone, its important that you plan and schedule your activities well in advance and stick to them. Have a vision and leave enough space for your self to keep blogging as a pleasant experience. Hope you enjoyed the article on Time management for bloggers.

Time management for bloggers