Tutorials on How to Design WordPress Themes

Hey, Today i would share a Few very helpful liks that i too refer at times to clarify my Themeing questions, you could also use the below resources to learn how to theme a wordpress theme.

Below is the WordPress theme structure

  • The header contains all the information that needs to be at the top — i.e. inside the <head> tag — of your XHTML web page, such as the <doctype>, <meta> tags and links to style sheets. It also includes the opening <body> tag and the visible header of your blog (which typically includes the title of your site, and may also include navigation menus, a logo bar, the description of your site, etc.).
  • The content block contains the posts and pages of your blog, i.e. the “meat” of your site.
  • The footer contains the information that goes at the bottom of your page, such as links to other Pages or categories on your site in a navigation menu, copyright and contact information, and other details.

Template Files Within Template Files

Most WordPress Themes include a variety of template files within other templates to generate the web pages on the site. The following template files are typical for the main template (index.php) of a WordPress site:

  • header.php
    • theloop.php (The Content)
    • wp-comments.php
  • sidebar.php
    • searchform.php
  • footer.php

However, this structure can be changed. For instance, you could put the search form in your header. Perhaps your design does not need a footer, so you could leave that template out entirely.

Theme development Refrences that are VERY USEFUL and MUST see

Wordpres Official Refrences

Other Refrences

Hope this information was useful for your theme development learning