Twitter’s New Look Reviewed

A Review of Twitter's New Look

A Review of Twitter’s New Look

Twitter rolled out its new look today to the Internet and I must say it looks very impressive and the effort to make the entire system simpler is visible clearly. The new design looks organized, simple and rich in graphic and styling! The major achievement is in organizing everything you need right within your dashboard even without a single click.

The Top Navigation: The top navigation has just 3 simple tabs  – Home, Connect and Discover. These three tabs summarizes all thats required from a parent navigation by allowing you to connect and discover stuff from your Twitter account.

Widgetized Design: The new look is more widgetized and now it has become easier to spot stuff that you are looking for. The famous 140 characted new Tweet box has now become a simple widget box that makes it easy to type a quick Tweet from your sidebar.

The New Connect Tab: The new connect tab takes you to a timeline showing all your activities at one place and this section seems to load surprisingly faster than the older one.

The New Discover Tab: This tab has also been redesigned and it helps you discover the trends and ongoing activities / tweets in your areas of interest based on the famous # (hashtags).

Jack Dorsey, chairman of Twitter, said he hoped the changes would make Twitter ‘more accessible for all seven billion people on the planet’. Further he added that Twitter is now ‘simpler not just for people already engaged but easier for new people to discover it and find value in it. It’s the best place to represent yourself on the Internet’.

A Review of Twitter's New Look

The new design has been updated on the mobile interface and TweetDeck application also. Eventhough not every one might be a big fan of this change, it certainly is a good move as it breaks down the ever difficult concept to a simple one and help spread this awesome fever!

The Ads here are different: The new update change includes Ads running on the Mobile version of Twitter. Promoted Trend and Promoted Account units will no one wards appear on the page’s left-hand side instead of the right hand side. Learn more about the new Twitter here at

PS: in addition to this change, just like FB and G+ even Twitter has come up with a brand page. 21 brands have got their Brand pages to start with!

Official Video from Twitter on the New Look:


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