Use Geo Targeting to increase your Adsense Earnings

Use Geo Targeting to increase your Adsense Earnings

Have you heard about Geo Targeting before? If not, it is basically the method of targeting higher rankings in SERPs for a particular geographic location (for example: USA or Canada). This is one method that could bring drastic increase to your Adsense income.

Analyzing your current website traffic trends


Use Geo Targeting to increase your Adsense Earnings

To start we should analyze your current income stream and study from which countries you are receiving maximum number of visitors. If you are yet to start a website or a new project you should plan a geographical location for your targeted visitors.

It is easy to find out the geographical trend for your website. Log on to your Google Analytics dashboard and sort your website visitors by country. Observe the screenshot from Google Adsense dashboard showing visitors to my website this month country wise. This clearly helps you identify the total number of visitors to your website from each country.

Analyzing Adsense clicks from different geographical locations

Now log on to your Google Adsense dashboard and click on performance reports and further sort by countries. This will show the number of clicks you have received to your website over the period of time from different locations and the corresponding CPC (Cost per Click).

Relating both these information you would be able to identify which location will help you earn higher from your Google Adsense advertisements. If you check the below screenshot that I pulled out form my Adsense dashboard, the CPC rates are alarming.

Use Geo Targeting to increase your Adsense Earnings

It took me almost 500 clicks from India to earn 50 USD while a mere 30 clicks from the USA earned me 20 USD. This is the key information that you should be looking for and tweak the content and promotional activities in that direction.

How to optimize your content to target visitors form a particular location

Often it is observed that Adsense clicks form the US and Canada fetches you the maximum income per click. Hence it would be a wise decision to optimize your website and content for the American visitor base. Few steps that could gain more geo targeted visitors are:

  • Host your website geographically at the US
  • Register a Top level domain like .com or .net rather than a geo biased TLD
  • Log on to the Google Webmasters Tool and set your location as USA
  • Perform Social media optimization in US timings (like use of twitter)
  • Write content that could be globally beneficial

Take Home: The biggest reason for the success of most webmasters is that they have the right knowledge and awareness. Use the analysis results to your own benefits and optimize your approach for increased earnings.



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