Useful Google PPC Alternatives to Advertise Your Business

Useful Google PPC Alternatives to Advertise Your Business

We have been using Google PPC to get traffic on the website through clicks. But there are other advertisement alternatives that we can use to get traffic and increase sales. Let’s have a look at some of the Google PPC alternatives we can use.

Internet marketing is an important service that is utilized by many companies to beat the competition they face over the internet.  Many companies run PPC campaigns and shell out a lot of money to top the search results. But we also have other options apart from these were we can advertise and get noticed. Though the Google PPC is a big deal but still these alternatives are worth a try and they can work wonders for your business.

They have proved to be very effective for many businesses. So let’s have a look at each one of them and see how they can help us to elevate your business.

LinkedIn Direct Ads:

LinkedIn has been a very successful business networking site. So if you are going to advertise on this network then it will obviously reach a lot of people on the site. You reach the kind of audience you want so it is always a great way to expand your business. LinkedIn has thousands of users who log in everyday and you would always want to reach them. It can be a little expensive but if you have a good budget then Direct Ads is a great alternative.


This is another great way of marketing your site. If you have content like articles, blog posts etc. you will be able to generate traffic through Kontera. With ads coming out at the right keywords it will direct the interest of the visitor where you want it. So that will help you generate enough traffic for your website.  In Text ads have been popular and can really help your business in a great way. Kontera generates over a million unique clicks each month. So there you have it.


An online advertising network with over a couple of billion impressions can definitely do something for your business and is a great alternative to Google PPC. It supports all the other activities and helps in generating more traffic. It also strengthens and helps other online activities that you have. So it’s definitely a great option and something that is worth using to generate some clicks for your business.

Facebook Advertising:

I saved the best for last but you might already know about it. With billions of active users how can it not generate business for you? The social media giant has helped many businesses through the medium of ads.  This is one great option compared to all the others and it is a medium that is relevant to lot of people.

There are many such mediums you can explore so do not just stick to Google PPC and try out these options to get a few clicks hat will help your business in a great way.