Useful Tools that help you keep your Twitter account clean

We often find that people see that getting maximum twitter followers has done the Trick, But you are a little mistaken there, Getting all the wrong followers that are just not right for you would not do any good. Thats just Blind SEO use of Twitter.

Lets use Twitter Ethically and hence keep twitter clean, follow people who really are the same flock of birds that you are always been in (with regards to interests 🙂 ) so you will not get much of spam or unwanted Tweets, you will get genuine tweets.

Now if you have already made this mistake, here are few tools that will help you clean the mess.

My Cleenr

My Cleenr has one severe limitation – it only works with accounts following 700 people or less. If you are able to use it (you will have to type in your username and password rather than using OAuth) then in less than a minute you get a list of your followers sorted by last update date. Delete them by clicking on a button – you don’t get second chances, so you’d better be sure that’s what you really want to do. MyCleenr was one of the quickest of the Twitter tools I tested.


Tweepular is a bright, colorful follower management tool. Intended primarily for Twitter users to keep track of those who want to keep their following in sync with their followers, it offers one useful feature for Twitter account cleaners – the ‘last updated’ search. Click on a button to see a list of your followers sorted by last update and you will soon find out which follower accounts are dormant. You can see people’s profile and last tweet by hovering over their name, which will help with your decision. Tweepular allows mass following and unfollowing, which is useful for large accounts.


TwitIn was somewhat temperamental and I had to reauthorize it a couple of times during the process. It offers you the option to Flush (unfollow those not following you), Grow (find new people to follow) or Reciprocate (follow people already following you). What’s good about TwitIn is that you can see people’s bios and last tweets on the TwitIn page before making a decision.

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