User Generated Content website using WordPress CMS

User Generated Content website using WordPress CMS

User generated content websites (UGC) are one of the best methods to trigger activity on any form of websites when compared to the Admin Generated Website model. Some of the best examples on the web are: Digg, Reditt, Twitter etc.

WordPress is considered to be one of the best content management system (CMS) available for free to use on the internet. With a little creativity and know how, one can easily convert the WordPress platform into a user generated website model.

The biggest advantage of using WordPress is because of the scalability it offers with thousands of amazing plugins that are available for download. Few plugins could convert your WordPress blog into a complete user generated content website.

User Generated Content website using WordPress CMS

The best plugins that I recommend for this tweak are:

  • WP-Email plugin to post from emails to WordPress.
  • TDO Mini Forms (Free plugin)
  • Gravity Forms (Premium Plugin)

Option 1: Posting content on to website through emails:

If you are looking to allow your visitors post content on to your blog or website by simply sending an email to your designated email ID then you should be using a free plugin called WP Email by Lester.

This plugin allows your users to send email to publish them directly to your blog. The plugin is very flexible and you could configure HTML publishing along with emails and also control the email frequency, categories, author details etc.

Option 2: Submitting content from the WordPress Front End

The second option that you might want to consider is by allowing your visitors to submit content to your website through the front end of your website. You could set up this feature with the help of plugins like TDO Mini forms that even allows inserting images and attachments.

If you want to further increase the scalability of this feature, the Gravity Forms plugin (premium plugin) will offer you loads of additional options and features to improve your user experience of submitting content.

Take Home: WordPress is a CMS that is deeply in love with the search engines and this helps cut down your search engine optimization efforts. Integrating these UGC features to your WordPress blog CMS is certainly a wise approach you can adopt. Feel free to ask me any questions that you might want to clarify while setting up this system, I would be more than happy to help you.



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