Various Browsers used and their user loyalty

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Often we see debates online regarding Browsers and which is the best. I did a small research based on the data that i could find from my website server on the trend set by the users accessing or browsing the website. Below is the chart of the number of hits from users and the browsers used by them. It was very Surprising that there were 10 different browsers and another category called “others” so that simply means that there lot more browsers used other than IE, Mozilla and Opera or Safari.

The Browser that topped the list are Firefox >> IE >> Safari >> Opera. The percentage of userbase is also given below.

Browsers Hits Percent
Firefox 174330 37.43%
MS Internet Explorer 121209 26.03%
Safari 78187 16.79%
Opera 54609 11.73%
Unknown 21143 4.54%
Mozilla 11212 2.60%
Netscape 3124 2.41%
Curl 986 0.20%
Debian APT 541 0.00%
Lynx 210 0.00%
Others 189 0.00%

Hope you enjoyed the small bit of info.



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