vBulletin Forum “Search” & “Whats new” links resulting in 500 Internal Server Error

vBulletin Forum “Search” & “Whats new” links resulting in 500 Internal Server Error

It has been a long day struggling to fix a 500 Internal server error on my Orangecopper Forum that runs on the premium forum script – vBulletin. The strange part is that the entire Forum is functional in all aspects except for the two links – “Search” and “Whats new” that was calling up the search.php link resulting in a direct 500 Internal Server Error.

After several trials using the inputs from the official vBulletin support forum, the most common fixes were disabling all the hooks, plugins and products – that did not work. Further, came in recommendations on changing the permissions on files to 755 or 777 but even that failed to work. I even tried an upgrade of the forum version and even that failed to work!

For the benefit of other webmaster facing this issue, I would like to directly share the solution that worked like a charm to fix this issue and that was a simple code change on a particular file in the forum directory. Navigate to the file called “criteria.php” in the below path : yourdomain.com/forum/vb/search/criteria.php and edit the file to find the below code

if (method_exists($this->search_type, ‘get_display_name’))

and replace with the below line:

if (is_object($this->search_type) && is_callable($this->search_type->get_display_name()))

once you save the file and refresh your page, your forum search should work just fine! Let me know your feedback on the same and if it helped you fix the issue on your beloved forum.

vBulletin Forum "Search" & "Whats new" links resulting in 500 Internal Server Error