Web Design Service Contract Agreement Template

Web Design Service Contract Agreement Template

Often when you contract a company or service provider for your Web design and Development works, it turns out to be very chaotic as there was not proper understanding or agreement between your company and the service provider. Hence its very critical that before you hire  a designer or company for your website design / development / maintenance services – you should have a contract or agreement document to guide and safeguard your interests in a fair manner.

Web Design Service Contract Agreement Template

Web Design Contract Agreement Sample Template

This agreement is by and between My Company and the Client (Web site maintenance company). The ClientCompany is contracting with us as a provider of its web Design / Development and Maintenance services.

Details of the work In Scope of this agreement are (Statement of Work – SOW)

  • Create, Edit, Revise or Update new Design, Content and text for the website.
  • Consultation, Help and guidance to use the website and features
  • Maintain a full backup of the website regularly throughout the duration of this contract and this full backup will be delivered to MyCompany at the completion of the Contract
  • Create the content and design of the website as per the instruction of MyCompany and make required changes / revision when ever requested to.
  • Help in migration of content from our Old website as a part of the design of this new website.
  • Domain registration, Hosting the website and maintenance of the web hosting account.

Details of the Work NOT In scope of this agreement are: 

  • Any work that does not come in the scope of this agreement should be mentioned clearly here in this section.

Complete Agreement: 

MyCompany will provide all necessary details to the ClientCompany in case of any changes or updating is required and ClientCompany should agree to make the updates or changes whenever requested to. Minor updates should not exceed 50% of the content of any single page and in case a complete rework is required, a new agreement must be drawn up.

During the entire duration of this contract, MYCompany agrees that the ClientCompany will be the sole provider of maintenance services to this website and no other parties will work on the design / development and maintenance. In case other parties are involved, MyCompany will inform in advance.

Compensation Details: 

This section will include the compensation amount agreed between MyCompany and ClientCompany on the payment to be done in advance and post completion of the work.  The compensation details should clearly include the total amount of payment to be paid by MyCompany to ClientCompany and the amount will not exceed the sum specified in the contract.

In the event of MyCompany fails to adhere to the schedule of payment within the speculated deadline, MyClient retains the rights, but are not obligated to perform any or all of the following:

  • Immediately stop all the work that is in progress or remove the already completed work
  • Terminate the signed Agreement.
  • Initiate Legal action

Deliverables and Timelines: 

The ClientCompany agrees to respond to all the maintenance requests from MyCompany within ___hours on weekdays and ____ hours on weekend through email or phone with a confirmation of by when the issue can be resolved or the update can be made.

Authentication and Authorization permissions:

MyCompany authorizes the ClientCompany to manage the domain and hosting on behalf of MyCompany for the benefit of MyCompany.

Termination and related conditions of the Contract: 

MyCompany reserves all rights to terminate the contract with ClientCompany at any point of time providing a 1 month prior notice to ClientCompany. If any advance payment is done, the remaining amount is to be paid back on a ProRata basis to MyCompany.

Legal Statement:

MyCompany and the ClientCompany are purely independent bodies and this agreement shall not constitute either party as an employer, partner or joint venture with the other part.

NOTE: While preparing a Agreement, make sure to replace the “MyCompany” with your company name and “ClientCompany” with the name of the service provider you are hiring to do the web design project.

PS: Feel free to use this template for your web design and development contracts and agreements, but please contact and seek permission before you publish this template on your website or blog. Thanks!


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