Webmasters – Beware of the Karin Scam!

Webmasters – Beware of the Karin Scam!

This article is a warning for all those good hearted webmasters trying to help other webmasters in an ethical manner. I have met and done businesses with some awesome people on the internet but have dealt with few unethical and poor spirited people on the web.

All those affiliate marketing webmasters offering special discounts on the internet for the affiliate product they sell to do additional sales and simultaneously help the customers by sharing the affiliate commission they receive from the sale should give attention to this article.

How this scammer could trap you?

If you are offering discounts on some great products on your website by sharing the affiliate commission, this person would make the purchase from you and contact you through email requesting for the discount amount to be transferred through PayPal.

As he/she receives the discount, she will again use a different email id and further make other product purchases and continue to contact you asking for the discount to be transferred to the same PayPal account and acting as a friend of “Karin Slater”.

This scammer will continue to make purchases and will wait for the last day of the product’s refund period and return the purchase hence cheating the webmaster with the discounts he paid to Karin Slater.

Details of the Scammer that has been captured:

  • PayPal ID used for the Scam: sale@makingmoneyguides.net
  • Different names used for the Scam: Karin Slater, Kelly Lat, Dawn Buchanan,
  • Scammer’s Alternate email ID: slater_karin@yahoo.com
  • Scammer’s website: MakingMoneyGuides.net

Action taken from my side:

The issue has been reported to PayPal and other authorities with the IP address and other details, so hope I will get hold of this scammer soon with the money I have lost! I am writing this article to help save other webmasters from falling prey to such evil minded scammers that spoil the goodness of the web.

Take Home: Never pass on discounts on the products before the refund period is over. ( I am glad that I was able to help many webmasters sharing the discounts, But – now on at least not  before the refund period is over.

 DISCLAIMER: This article is not against any


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