What are nulled scripts? Why avoid nulled scripts

 Nullified scripts are those that has been cleared / removed of all the protection for the author that would send information to them each time a new installation occurs. Basically its just not letting the owner know that his script has been “Stolen”.

I request you all NOT to ever use a nulled script of a premium software / script or theme as it has not one but many risks and its really not worth it.

 Why one should not use a nulled script:

  1. Legal Risks:  Even though most of the relatively new web masters are not aware, there is huge amount of risks involved in using nulled or pirated and illegal use of premium scripts or software. Either you as the owner of the website could be sued or caught in legal mess or sometimes the web host that has the nulled script hosted by a customer could be held accountable.
  2. It could leave you technically vulnerable: Downloading and installing nulled scripts could often leave your server or website vulnerable to hacking. Don’t assume that the people nullifying the scripts are doing this for charity! They modify the scripts and leave open loopholes or vulnerabilities that could open up your website or blog to potential threats that could even get your shared server down.
  3. Believe me – Nothing comes free: May of you might disagree with this statement saying – hey there are lot of free stuff and give away on the web. Yes I agree they are free stuff but they don’t come just free. The few possibilities are:
  • The webmaster might be building an emailing list
  • Webmaster wants more traffic to improve page views and further monetize them
  • Your personal information could be collected in the process
    1. You end up giving wrong credit links: If you happen to open up the code of a pirated or Nulled script you could see that there are a lot of link backs, credits and unwanted pings. These are just Blackhat SEO techniques that give wrong credits to these spam websites. This could even get your website blacklisted.
    2. Its un-ethical – It takes lot of time and effort for a developer or a team to come up with excellent scripts or software that could serve the world wide web. Give them the least you can – The credit, The respect!

    Take Home:  NEVER use nulled scripts and say a big no to any one who is giving away them at half the price or even free.



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