What Inactivity could do to your Blog? [BAD Things]

What Inactivity could do to your Blog? [BAD Things]

Been a blogger for 7 years now and its been last 6 months that i really ignored and left my blog inactive confident to see the traffic and earnings to stay same way but it never did last that much. Even though I kept on observing the drop in traffic to main and long tail keywords it was gradually eating up the blog stats and reputation that was built in several years. It is very vital to keep your blog active with regular quality content and never ignore for a long interval of time. Below are some examples of how your blog could be impacted by inactivity.

Huge drop in your Pageviews / UV / Traffic over the period of time

The web traffic to your blog is the life blood of your blog and drives your website popularity, earnings and growth, hence its important that you never let that drop and sure have a regular check on the traffic pulse to your blog or website. Below is how the web traffic dropped over the months of Inactivity. The bellow screenshot shows how steep the fall in traffic was and how it has impacted the daily page views of the blog and I can clearly point out the reason as inactivity alone as the drop was gradual and lasting.

 What Inactivity could do to your Blog? [BAD Things]

Huge drop in your online reputation & failure in audience retention

Online reputation is a combination of various aspects that adds on to your total reputation score which eventually would help audience retention and repeated visits by loyal visitors. Due to continued inactivity, you would loose your regular visitors, organi traffic and online reputation too. There are several factors that contribute to your website’s online reputation and one example of that is your Alexa ranking that would certainly plunge into the deep. The below screenshot clearly shows how the reputation (ranking) dropped along with the traffic from around 18k to nearly 100k.

What Inactivity could do to your Blog? [BAD Things]

Most importantly – the depressing loss in your website’s earnings

Your online income is what really drives your website, your life and continues to fuel your motivation. Especially if you are a full time blogger or webmaster, online earning is certainly an important aspect that will help you concentrate on crafting great content for your readers and improving your niche expertise. Below screen shot clearly shows the impact of inactivity on the earnings.

What Inactivity could do to your Blog? [BAD Things]

Slower index rate on the Search Engine

The earlier index rate of the website was very high and within few seconds or under 2 minutes of publishing an article the post used to appear in google search. Gradually the index rate decreased with the increase of inactivity and with time the passing by the articles were slowly indexed in Google search. With frequent articles and regular quality content update, the search engine index rate will improve.

The above are few of the impacts of inactivity on your blog or website, but be warned that there are several more negative impacts on your website, so ensure that you continue to keep your website updated with quality and good content on a regular basis to ensure both your user base and content continues to grow.


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