What is a fake pagerank? How to Detect Fake Page Rank

What is fake pagerank
Its common on the internet that people speak a lot about Page Ranks of the websites, Yes its an important factor to identify the quality and value of a website. Google Page Rank is the Rank given by google to a website based on its pagerank algorithm on a scale of 8.

Now Getting a higher pagerank is very difficult and involves lot of hardwork. But some webmasters use a shortcut in obtaining higher PR by faking the page rank or masking the page rank. This could be for reselling the website as a High PR website, So be careful before buying a higher PR website or domain, Dont get fooled.

This is absolutely wrong and i personally do not support this method. so i would share with you:

1. How fake PR is achived
2. How to Detect Fake pagerank
How is Fake Pagerank achieved?
Such webmasters identifies google bots searching for PR and redirects it to a high PR website, so it reads higher PR, Hence the PR of another website is assigned to this website.

Example of Fake PR Code Snippet, This method is called Cloaking and is a Black hat SEO technique.

if (Googlebot) {
echo ‘‘;
else {
echo “http://www.yahoo.com“;

Here Yahoo’s PR is reflected as the fake PR for the site.

How to Detect Fake PR:
To detect Fake Pagerank, Open the webpage, such as www.domainname.com into Google & look at the cache. The cache will not be that of the site with Fake PR, instead it would be of the site of real PR.

Also you could use this website.

It would say if PR is valid or not.
NOTE: This Is strongly Not suggested to be done, the Tutorial is on how to identify and save yourself from not getting fooled by Fake PR sites or from Buying fake PR Domains or Link backs.


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