What is a Niche Blog?

What is a Niche Blog or Website?

Blogging is the latest ‘in’ thing in the virtual world of the Internet and everybody and their aunts are probably tip-tapping happily on their computer’s keyboard, writing about what they want to. More so, many people are also making a living out of writing blogs and this is possible through niche blogging.


Setting up a blog and adding links to the partner products that you want your blog to be associated with. Add a new entry every day, promote your blog and rake in the earnings. It’s that simple!


It sounds simple, but starting out takes a bit more of efforts and thinking. You need to figure out what will be the niche area that you want to blog about. Your area should be either unique in terms of the idea of it or the content of it so that it stands out amongst the millions blogging out there already about zillions of things.


One way you can figure out whether or not people are blogging about a keyword or area is by looking for it in RSS feeds or on search engines by typing that keyword followed by ‘blog’ or ‘RSS’.  Keep looking till you find some distinctive keywords that you create your niche blog on. Although you can write about your hobbies or topics that interest you, they should be truly one-of-their-kind content wise, so as to attract web traffic. And also, there is an element of care which one brings in, when writing about what interests them. This makes the people who reads these blogs, circulate the info among the others with similar interests.


You also need to understand the competition that you might be up against on a niche area you are looking to start your blog on. Looking at the volume of content already available on the internet on the same and the quality of it helps you understand if you stand any chance of making into the niche.


Although people also blog to share their thoughts on a topic and also for not-for-profit causes, if you want to make money by blogging then you need to master the art of how to sell your blog. How to get a lot of people to visit your blog site, which is how to generate traffic on your blog site, is what you need to really understand here. So decide your purpose of writing a blog, and that should help you focus your energies in this direction much better.


Having a webhosting account with blogging scripts is all you need to set up a blog site. Get a domain name with the help of webhosting account itself. If you are tech-savvy you can yourself color your blog pages and put advertisements of partners you wish to be associated with on your blog site. If not, you can get someone to do it for you. There are lots of places to outsource this kind of stuff; you can of course Google to find out more. Also you need to do some home-work on how to go about selling your blog.


It is not a secret; it is not a magic either. You just have to start doing it! Further you could learn about how to make money using niche websites or blogs.