What is a Twitter Grade? & Whats Your Twitter Rank?

What is a Twitter Grade? & Whats Your Twitter Rank?

The Grader or Twitter Grade Tool is a percentile measure of how well you are using your Twitter account in comparison to all other Twitter users. The Grade is based on varios factors that i would explain further. The Grader is used usually to learn the Authority a Twitter account has and how well its Ranked.

Basically Twitter Grade is :  Power, Reach and Authority of a twitter account

Algorithm Factors that support your Grade.

  1. Number of Followers: More the Followers and the Higher would your Twitter grade be.
  2.  Power of Followers: Another important factor is, if higher ranked accounts follow you, this means higher would be your grade and authority. This means its not only number, its also Quality of your followers.
  3. Updates: More the number of updates, the rank would shoot up, but the updates or tweets prefered to be unique and not duplicates.
  4. Update Recency: Basically How frequent you update on Twitter.
  5. Follower/Following Ratio: The Follower to Following ration is better if higher.
  6. Engagement: When your Tweets are re-tweeted that adds to your grade and reputation.

Bonus: Apart form that there is an Elite List that would contain all the Top accounts in twitter, this is updated several times a day!

Website: http://twitter.grader.com








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