What is an Anchor Text?

What is an Anchor Text?

Have you been hearing about Anchor Texts and the importance of having the right anchor texts in Search Engine Optimization campaigns (SEO). This is the first post in NapIncome’s new category called Blogging Jargons where we will break down all the technical terminologies that we hear and see on the Internet for the benefit of newbies.

Anchor text means the keyword used in the back-links or hyperlinks to your webpage or URLs. For example, let’s imagine we are doing link building for a flower shop website in California called “flourance”. If you create a hyperlink to your website with keyword as flourance, it has no SEO link juice. But if you use the keyword “fresh flowers in California” as the keyword with the URL embedded under it – it makes sense and is useful in terms of SEO. This is the importance or anchor texts.

Below is the HTML of a back link where the keyword “fresh flowers in California” is the anchor text used.

<a href=”http://targetwebsite.com”>Fresh Flowers in California</a>

Usage of anchor texts: make sure that every link back you build to this URL does not use the same anchor text because in that case it will look as forced optimized and there is chance that Google may penalize your website. Try to shuffle the anchor texts with all the possible keyword combinations for each backlink you build. Hope this small jargon buster was useful to your link building and SEO efforts.