FaceBook Timeline Explained!

What is Facebook Timeline Feature all about

What is Facebook Timeline Feature all about?

Facebook officially launched the latest Facebook Timeline feature on 15th December and it seems to be a huge change to the face of the Social networking giant and the way it is going to be used. On 15th they rolled out the Timeline to all its users and it was declared released! Now on your profile is going to look more life like and it is going to be open to the entire world to see what all is changing in your life!

Once you have activated your Facebook Timeline, you will have exactly7 days to tweak the look and privacy to your taste until it goes live to the entire world to see. Its critical to note that once you have activated the Facebook Timeline  feature, there is no way to revert it back to the old look, hence be sure what you really want before you make the choice.

Here is the Official update page from Facebook team on the Facebook Blog where loads of people have started requesting a roll back, but we personally feel that its  a great change. it again depends on ones personal choice and Facebook should have a roll back option active to cater users who really aren’t impressed!

Only time can say how successful the Facebook Timeline feature is going to become, we better wait and watch!

What is Facebook Timeline Feature all about



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