What is Google Caffeine?

What is Google Caffeine? its simply google’s new search index.

Google is here with a new secret project and termed it as the next gen architecture for searching the web. The new technology seems to have crawling , indexing and ranking changes. And this is the first time that google is not simple using these changes into the exsisting architecture or replacing it. but this time its new and different that they are providing a developer prview and asking the googlers and users to use it and give the valuble feedback, More like they are turning out to involve more with the user involvement, thats a great move.

The caffeine index looks like its going to replace the present infra and we all are hoping it to be a great change in the way the world searches and the results that spring up.

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we will be back with more information and updates on this, watch out Orangecopper blog.

Cheers, Joshu Thomas
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