Will Google Panda knock you down?

What is Google Panda?

What is Google Panda?

If you are not already aware about Google’s latest search algorithm update you could read my review about it here. It is one of the regular Google algorithm update to better their search and indexing performance.

The latest Google update is termed as “Google Panda”. If you are curious to know why the latest Google algorithm update called as Google Panda is you could read my previous article here.

The update also called as the “farmer update” as it basically targets the content farms and duplicate content on the web to promote genuine and unique content rank higher in Google search results.

Yes, the Google Panda could know you down if:

  • Copy content or use auto blogs to duplicate legitimate content.
  • You are a splogger or spam blogger who copies content.

As I always say, craft your own unique and quality content for your websites to make sure you deliver value and rank higher in SERPs on the long run. The content of your website is always the king and it is very vital that you invest your time and efforts to develop good content for your websites.

Would Spinned or re-written articles be targeted as well?

Article marketing is one of the major optimization and link building techniques used now a days on the internet. If you were to rewrite or use content spinning applications to generate rewritten copies of your own content, the Panda might not bring much trouble to you as of now.

Google has an awesome algorithm that works like magic to find the best of available content for its users. With the latest update it has become better to refine the search results by pushing duplicate and copied content down the ladder.

Take Home: The latest Google algorithm update has surely created waves on the internet and am sure it is for good. My advice to all the bloggers and webmasters is to keep your blog clean with legitimate content and the Panda will always love you!


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