What is the Future of Email Marketing?

What is the Future of Email Marketing?

If you have been in the webmaster arena for quite sometime, we very well know the value of building an email list over the years. An email list is one of the most precious asset in your webmaster arsenal because it helps you to retain your website traffic irrespective Search Engine rankings, Page ranks, change in algorithms etc. Every time you send an email, you are assured your targeted visitors to reach your website!

Will the future of Email marketing remain the same (an end-used perspective)

If you view the marketing technique through emails, the major advantage is the fact that you are one-on-one with your readers because emails are delivered private. This gives you the chance to communicate closed group / mastermind messages etc. On the contarary, if you want to publicize the daily content on your website a social networking page (fan page) can do the same chore as a email campaign.

Each post on your fan page reaches your targeted readers the same way it would reach through an email – they will read it. In addition, they do not have any issue with a new post added to their stream / news feed (they can even group it nowadays) thereby making it better than emails filling your inbox. This improve the privacy aspect and users are expected to be more comfortable receiving updates on their stream than in emails.

What is the Future of Email Marketing?

Will Social Network Communities / Fan pages replace email marketing?

There is a fairly good chance that readers / netizens will discourage emails being sent to them one-on-one when they have option to get the same updates on the Facebook or Google+ stream. In addition, social networks like Google+ allows you to specifically group such brands or blogs into circles so that you can specifically follow the updates from this websites.

What should be my move?

Knowing the fact that such a radical change is possible with the results remaining the same (reaching your audience), it is wise not to keep all your eggs in the same nest. As a precaution, you should start developing and promoting your fan pages and build your followers there aswell, this will ensure you dont loose out if people start unsubscribing. I would love to hear what you think about this?