ClickBank account status says SUSPENDED!

What to do if your ClickBank account status says SUSPENDED?

Clickbank is an amazing platform that helps you join, manage and track your affiliate product campaigns and sales. The advantage of Clickbank is that they also takes care of your affiliate income payout as well. All together it’s a complete affiliate marketing solution that has almost all the top rated digital products for you to promote and earn an income!

Last day I did a research on the CB account status and found of that many webmasters are looking for answers on why their ClickBank accounts show the status as “SUSPENDED” and they are no longer capable of earning through affiliate promotion through CB. This post will help you identify the major causes that could land your account in such a status and how to fix the situation. Your ClickBank accounts could go into the suspended status due to more than one reasons and it’s moved into the temporary suspended status by CB after observing various trends that such accounts display.

Few of the major reasons that contribute to this are:

1. Suspicious transactions or fraud pattern observed on your referred purchases.
2. There are too many refunds and chargebacks by your referred purchases
3. The affiliate Income balance goes into negative balance.
4. Malpractices like cookie stuffing or black hat methods reported on your account.

We should understand that the SUSPENDED status is a temporary action by the CB team to further investigate Into the pattern observed and hence do not get dejected immediately. Your immediate next action should be to raise a support request with the clickbank support team and seek for an answer. In most cases it’s not the webmaster but the fraud customers that land you in trouble, that’s the single flaw in the system – but can we doing anything more to keep the black traffic away! Let me know your thoughts and questions on this.

What to do if your ClickBank account status says SUSPENDED

Below are the various status definitions that ClickBank gives:

CDR— Account had not yet met Customer Distribution Requirement. Click here for text of the CDR as contained in our accounting policy. Paid balance delivery begins on the “Date Sent” date.

SUSPEND— Account temporarily suspended from payment. Please contact ClickBank if additional details needed. Paid balance delivery begins on the “Date Sent” date.

THRESHOLD-– Account balance did not exceed selected Payment Threshold at period end. Click here for details of Payment Threshold as contained in our accounting policy. Paid balance delivery begins on the “Date Sent” date.


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