What to do when topics dry up? : Get Wet!!


Photo By Joshu Thomas

Hey Folks, If you’ve been blogging for at least more than a month, you would certainly facing the issue of topics getting dried up and confused on what to blog next? In such situations what happens to 80% of bloggers is:

  • Either they give up
  • The quality of articles comes down
  • You tend to publish just news
  • You blog on stuff that is already plenty on the web.

In such a situation, what would you do to save your blog – as I say in the title: Get wet!! (You might think now, what’s this crazy guy talking about 😉 getting wet??) Read on… You will get it..

How to get wet?

Now there are many methods to get wet, Getting wet could also be literally getting wet to chill out, but that is just one way to move on, here are few methods that have helped me in not giving up.

Take a walk

You have been blogging all day and all week and banging you head to get more and more articles to stuff you blog with, So leave your computer at home and take a walk, listen to music and think free. Observe your surroundings and try to co-relate and soon you would end up with a useful topic that could also be valuable for others. Get back to your workstation – Jot down all the points and topic you thought of with a fresh mind and craft a nice article.

Have a meaningful start

 Ideally this point is the “moral fiber” of your blog and its success. My suggestion to all who have not yet started a blog is, only start a blog in a niche you have some knowledge about or at least a topic that drives you crazy or in simple words – Blog about your passions.

Don’t Just blog anywhere and everywhere

Imagine yourself sitting in a gaming zone or a pub with lot of disturbances to distract you – you wouldn’t be at ease writing a nice article (unless you are blogging on a Lap Dance 😉 )

So choose your work place or “Blog room” that could give you the frame of mind to Blog.

Visit Google News Daily

Ideally if you Blogging on any niche make sure you are updated with all the new happenings, updates, news and developments. You could use this to post it in the News section and keep your user base also updated.

Regularly Visit Top Playing Blogs n Forums

Visit Forums like DigitalPoint, SEOchat etc or blogs like IncomeDiary, Shoemoney, Dailblogtips etc or may be the blogs and forums in your niche to get good ideas and points to start a fine post on your blog.

Build a good network of Bloggers in your Niche

It’s a very effective method – Make Friends! Comment, talk and interact with bloggers on your sphere and encourage them to post their views on your articles and return the same. This has various advantages – you could feature them in your blog and your blogs get featured as well.( Dot expect that, but believe me Quality deeds brings return).

Encourage Guest posts

Add a section on your blog like the one on this blog – accepting guest post and clearly mention the post guidelines. This would dramatically improve your blog networking among other quality blogs.

Write Killer Posts

Killer posts are posts that requires lots and lots of research into the post, it should be having the maximum information that anyone could find any where on the topic. Such posts give so much of value to your blog and improve your reputation. Spend good time and make sure you do a Killer post at least twice in a month.

So now I guess you are wet enough to continue and have sufficient idea on how to tackle the situation when you don’t have much to blog about. Even I am a learner I would appreciate very much if you could suggest more methods or even share the ones you use to find something to write on your blog.


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