What’s your blogging Schedule?

What’s your blogging Schedule?

This is just a casual post to understand the trends of common blogging schedules that bloggers have. It’s often debated if you should have a plan or schedule for blogging.

Just as everyone requires food daily, even your blog requires to be fed regularly to be on the top of things – ideally a blog should have a plan of action to get things running smooth. I personally do not have a schedule for blogging, but I certainly do have a plan. My plan is to have my blogs updated with fresh, quality content on a regular basis but I try not to force myself to post content in speculated time periods. For example, am writing this post from my iPhone while am having my evening tea from a shop near my home.

    •  I don’t force my self because I want to enjoy blogging.
    •  I make sure content is updated regularly because I do professional blogging.

Blogging gives me the freedom and flexibility to work from the place and time of my choice. It earns me an income helping me to pay my bills and even have the tea I sip while writing – this makes me a professional. Hence it’s important that you don’t take it for granted and neglect the responsibility to feed your blog and it’s readers with good quality content.

Take home: Every job has it’s own responsibility, be it social or professional, it’s important that you do justice to the purpose of our work and continue to work hard!


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