When a Plugin Screws up your Blog!

Often it happens that installation of certain plugins can screw up the functionality of your blog to make it not work the way it is expected to function or even sometimes completely paralyze your blog! Below is a small workout that could help you fix the situation immediately to identify what could have caused the issue.

Some of the symptoms of a plugin messing up your blog are:

  • Your blog giving Run Time errors on the header or footer
  • Blog showing up as a complete white page and not loading
  • Unable to load the admin page or not even login
  • Certain features of your blog disabled after plugin installation
  • 501 error displayed on your blog etc.

In most of the cases when you have not made any significant code changes to your blog or theme and yet the blog fails to load or act weird, you can assume it could be the work of a plugin failure and in such situations how to tackle the problem:

  • Login to your web hosting control panel
  • Access the FTP file manager of your web hosting
  • rename the “plugins” folder under WP-content
  • Reload the blog page

This basically nullifies all the active plugins and lets you access the blog in raw form without any of the plugins active and lets you access the WordPress admin dashboard. Then rename the plugin folder back to “plugins” to still have all the plugins inactive. Once renamed, access the plugins from the admin dashboard sidebar and enable each plugin one by one to identify the one that might have created the issue. At crisis, please do not panic or replace with backup right from the start, stay calm and troubleshoot to fix the issue. Feel free to drop a line to me in case you need any assistance from me and I am always happy to help!