When to start my Second Blog?

When bloggers start getting the feel of professional blogging and start to earn money from the blog it’s quite natural that a thought to start a second blog to double the income would pop up! yes, it’s true that with a second blog you can certainly start earning more but the timing to launch another blog is important.

It’s vital to understand that starting a second blog does not mean dividing your work hours into two and allocating the time to each blog. It means you should double your work hours as the time and effort on the first blog should remain the same. This could be achieved by either working harder or even hiring another blogger to support you.

If you star working on a second blog by ignoring the first blog assuming it to be on auto pilot, it’s a definite wrong move as it will eventually result in the distraction of the first blog or even both the blogs.

When should I be ready for the second blog?

1. When the first blog has more than half it’s traffic from search engines
2. When your first blog is earning enough to support your second blog
3. When you have enough time to cater to more blogging.

It’s an evident blogger’s itch to build more blogs when you star seeing success on a blog, so be careful and think wise before you over burden your schedule and lose the fun of blogging!