Which is the Best Niche to start a Blog

Which is the Best Niche to start a blog in 2011

Most people planning to start a blog might have this one single question in their minds – which could be the best and highest paying niche to start a blog? Or which is the most in demand niche of the year 2011 etc.

These questions would be answered here in this post, continue reading till the end. Basically, every niche is good niche and your expertise and passion for the niche makes it the best. Let’s say for example – someone recommends you to start a blog on the “diamond cutting” niche saying it pays really well, what would be your response? You already know you might fail because you aren’t an expert to share much on something you know nothing about!

Lesson 1  select a niche you are either passionate or expert in.

If you are looking to start a blog on any of your general interests, you have loads of options and competition as well. Below are few high demand, high paying niches:

1. Sports blogs
2. Health and fitness
3. Insurance, mortgage and finance blogs
4. Fashion and style
5. Gadgets review and recommendations
6. Relationships and advices
7. Book and movie reviews

These are some generic niches you could look forward to starting a blog. The best part about such niches is that, topics never dry up! All you have to be is innovative, unique, surprising and regular! Presenting stuff through a unique approach in a frequent manner is always appreciated and welcomed by netizens.

Which ever above niche you start your blog you need to come up with unique content of great value, keep writing content regularly, aggressively market and publicize your blog and look for earning from the blog after few months of hard work only.

Lesson 2: all time in-demand niches never dry up and it’s all about doing it the special way and consistently doing it.

Now, talking about earning potential of niches all the listed niches have great earning potential and the party starts almost immediately you start receiving some quality traffic. Believe me, if you can work hard to get people coming to your website, making money is a cakewalk! The three best channels to make money from your blog are:

1. Google Adsense income
2. Affiliate marketing like amazon affiliates
3. Features product reviews
4. Direct ads

Out of The above, the first two methods can earn you some serious money. Adsense works great with non techie user base or readers who can’t really distinguish between content and Adsense blended with your page ( it simply acts as an extra link to them). Affiliate marketing works great by earning you commissions from your users purchases.

Lesson 3 & 4: Google adsense works great with non techie audience and affiliate marketing can earn you fortunes.

Take home: I guess by now you know how to select the best earning niche! It’s a combination of various factors you need to consider. Wishing you all the best and feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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