Why Alexa Rank is not everything and How its different from page rank

Have you Thought Why Alexa Rank is not everything and How its different from page rank, Everywhere you see around on the web you find Alexa Rank, ive seen many websites who have excellent Alexa rank but still have a fraction of success that other normal websites have.

  • What’s the logic?
  • What are the factors that decide alexa rank?
  • How different is Alexa Rank from Page rank?
  • How to improve Alexa rank?
  • How to improve Page Rank?
  • Which is more important rank?

For all the answers just continue reading.

Alexa Rank: Basically a ranking system invented by Alexa, an internet marketing company part of Amazon Inc.

The method in which alexa calculates this rank is based on the cookie stored in each machine that has the alexa toolbar installed, and calculates all the visits to a websites and adds that unique hits to the website’s name. That’s the Logic behind the alexa rank. The factors that affect the alexa rank are, Firstly the traffic to your website of course, but the chance to be tracked is only when the alexa tool bar is installed. So Basically the Alexa Rank is a Rough Estimate of your websites traffic rank. Even though we give it a lot of importance, it does not show you the entire movie.

Page Rank: Page Rank was invented by Larry and Sergy, who invented the famous Google search engine. It’s the rank on the basis of which Google ranks a website and gives it a status on the web. The factors that affect Google PR are:

  • Uniqueness of the content on your website
  • Quality of the content of your website
  • Number of Back links to your website
  • Quality and PR of sites linking to your website
  • To an extent the link age or the website age

This is the reason why Google PR is important in measuring the quality of a website. To sum up, if a website has a decent PR and a good Alexa rank, then its Great.

How to improve Alexa Rank

  • Basically, Content is the Key, Have good quality, Unique content
  • Keep your website frequently updated
  • Have alexa tool bar installed and promote the tool bar with your users
  • Write guest columns in similar Niche websites for quality traffic
  • Webmasters use Alexa tool bar mostly, so catch their attention.

How to improve Google Page Rank

  • Have Unique content on your website
  • Have high Quality stuff on your website
  • Get link back from ONLY quality websites and that too in your Niche only
  • Higher PR sites linking to your website

Summary: Basically The above are the difference, logic and methods when it comes to Alexa and Page rank, Let me give you an advice from my own experience, don’t think about Rankings and stuff till you need them. Concentrate on great content, that is useful for people in your niche, they will love you, traffic will increase, alexa will love you, google will love you and Money will follow!



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