Why do you blog?

If you are already a blogger, then let me ask you one question – Why do you blog?

Most of the blogs i have come across online have excellent content, superb quality and huge loyal user base. Now i would would look to get an answer to my query – Why do you blog. Most of the answers i get are simply as casual as a hobby or maybe some people say – For the joy of doing what i love.

Let me ask you, if that is the case – then why don’t you do the same thing you love the most for your living. Yes, i am talking about quitting the job you always hated and earning a living as a ProBlogger.  Its not as hard as you think, and its also not as easy as you are reading these lines. Very soon i would be releasing up with my latest e-book that would be available to all of you. The books is called How to quit your job in 6 months.

Stay tuned for the updates.


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