Why I Feel Google Page rank is Over hyped

Why I Feel Google Page rank is Over Hyped

I have observed that there is outbreak of searches on the next Google page rank update date and schedule. Not sure why webmasters are so worried about their Google page rank update when what really matters is your website traffic.

Acknowledging the fact that Google Page Rank is a critical factor that decides the search engine ranking for the content on the respective websites, we should also remember that there are lot many other factors as well.

The best example that I could share on how big the PR Buzz is my article on Orangecopper Blog about when is the next Google Page Rank update has more than 115 comments and still counting. This shows that a huge number of webmasters are worried about what would be their next Google PR.

Why I feel Google Page rank is over Hyped

Reasons for Google Page Rank to create the Buzz are

  • The back links selling business is ever growing.
  • PR is one major attribute to higher SERP rankings.
  • Google PR has become a reputation factor among webmasters.

The most significant reason is of course the forced search engine optimization market! High page rank back links are sold at very heavy prices and Google would never what this to happen.

If you read the latest comments by Google representatives on then official Google Blog, they clearly discourage webmasters requesting for an update on the PR update, this is part of their efforts to kill the link sales market and encourage genuine back links to appreciate good content.

Google has been mentioning PR as an internal tracking factor and have therefore reduced the update frequency in a year resulting in multiple minor updates.

Why you should not give Google PR high importance

In my opinion, Google PR should not be given the prime importance and you should concentrate more on developing more valuable content on your website to add worth to the internet.

There are several other factors that determine your SERP rankings and they are:

  • Domain Age: The age of the domain as per the first record of Archive.org
  • BLD: The number of back links to the domain
  • BLP: The number of back links to the page
  • Index Count: The number of pages indexed on the domain
  • .Gov or .EDU back links: Back links from a government or educational websites
  • DMOZ: Is the site indexed in the Open directory project (DMOZ).
  • Google Cache Age: When did Google last index your page?
  • Does the Head, Title, URL, Description contain the keyword?

So I guess we should stop worrying much about the next Google PR update as worrying about it never speeds up Google updating their Page Rank. Let us all concentrate on building unique and quality content for our websites.


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