Why is my Squidoo lens “Under Construction?” or WIP

Why do I get an “Under Construction” message?
If you’ve started a lens, but have never published it (not even once) it will show up as “under construction.” The only thing you need to do to get it to show is to publish it!
Squidoo recently redesigned the workshop so in your “edit” screen, a lens looks much like it will once it’s published, so go ahead, take some time, and perfect the details. When you’re ready to send it out into the world, go   ahead   and click that big yellow button that looks like the one shown below.

But if you HAVE published lens and still it does not show up there are multiple possiblities…

1. If you have published your lens, and are still seeing the “under construction” message, it’s likely because your browser is trying to cheat. It’s using old information to load the page quickly. To solve this clear your cache, and refresh your browser. You should now be able to see your lens.
2. Your Lens is incomplete
3. Your content is not as unique that it needs to be promoted by Squidoo.

Disclaimer: The info has been listed from our experience using squidoo, we are not associated to squidoo in any way, please read Squidoo FAQ for more info.

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