Why most Bloggers don’t make money?

Why most Bloggers don’t make money?


Why most Bloggers don’t make money

3 most frequent questions I am always asked to answer:

1. How to you make money online blogging?
2. Can anyone make money online blogging?
3. Why don’t I make money online from my blog?

Although all the answers are related to each other, let’s take a deeper dive. I have met bloggers of all age groups and niches making money and the most interesting part is that most people who don’t really try to make money are making the most! If you are not making money online with your blog, the reasons could be any of the below:

You lack the passion for it & you try too hard to earn: this is the main problem that I have observed about most failed blogs. Blogging is all about being passionate about what you write and share with your readers. If you are not enjoying the act and simply writing to make money – this could be one single reason for your failure.

Try to identify the root cause. You might be failing because you have chosen the wrong niche to blog about. The key is in choosing the right niche that will continue to fuel your enthusiasm for life.

Giving up too early: Many bloggers get pumped up and inspired by other successful bloggers and try hard for few months and give up early complaining that it never worked!
The basic formula that every blogger should understand is that it is never easy to establish a niche authority and a good blog, it takes time and effort. Make sure you dedicate atleast 6 months of feeding your blog with good content before you really start to analyze your success rate. It is vital that you should not think of giving up early and add blogging to your daily life as a day to day activity.

Lack of the right knowledge: it is important that you get the basics right. Be a regular reader of quality blogs written by bloggers with good authority in your niche and learn from the great resources available online.

Understand that content will drive traffic to your website and it will be followed by money and success. Writing great content, giving importance to good SEO practices and delivering value to your readers should lead you to success. Inability to tap the income through the right channel: there are loads of methods to earn money from your blog. Once you have a decent traffic to your website, you could deploy different methods to make money online.

The key is in deploying these methods only after you have enough traffic to your websites and not stuffing your website with ads. You should be using smarter methods like affiliate marketing to earn and think bigger.

Lack of focus and patience: This is one of the most critical mistakes done by almost all new bloggers. It’s very easy to lose focus and patience when you are in the initial stages of blogging – mainly because there is no income and no encouragement.

Believe me, I’ve had those days of zero income for years and it’s the patience and passion that helped me continue my blogging efforts and eventually am earning a very satisfactory passive income online.

Take home: am Saying even you can earn online – simply because I do it my self and can share any amount of proofs to inspire you. My success with this blog is when I have helped someone start earning from their blog. Cheers to your success ( our success ).


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