Why my affiliate links convert and not yours?

Why my affiliate links convert and not yours?

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers earn money online while the majority fail to covert their affiliate campaigns to money?

There are many factors that help me convert my affiliate links to money and the most vital factors are:

1. Providing great information and value to readers
2. Trust relationship with my readers
3. Been there and done that factor!
4. Close understanding of the niche & reader expectations

The above four factors are very critical for every Blog to be successful. If you are offering information of great value to your readers through your blog, it is vey obvious that serious readers will find you on the internet and appreciate your efforts. It is very important to have your blog foundation strong and this can be achieved only by offering valuable information with your niche expertise.

A Trust relationship with your blog readers is the key to have them keep comic to your website or blog frequently. Genuine efforts to help your niche blog readers with your knowledge helps you gradually gain the trust of our visitors.

Do make sure that you do not lose the trust relationship with your readers in a hurry to make quick money by recommending not so good affiliate products. The ground rule is to promote products that you have tried and tested to ensure it is of great value to your readers. On the long run, this trust will continue to make more conversions.

I have been there and done that! Yeah, when your readers learn that you really know what you are talking about, it is easy for them to trust you with their money. If you really know what you are into, improve your credibility by giving them proofs to concrete your place in their favorite blog lists.

If you are not an expert in your niche, you better not take up the lead role and try not to fake your self as a hero. It’s easy For the smart netizens to identify what’s hot and what’s not! This will certainly not do good for your blog reputation.

Finally, it’s vital to understand what your readers expect from your blog. Be open to criticism and feed back – try to talk with your readers and ask for their opinion and feedback at the end of each post, learn your readers a little better!