Why my Alexa rank isn’t improving

Why my Alexa rank isn’t improving

Today am writing this post as a response to few repeated questions regarding the Alexa rank factor that is over hyped on the internet. This is a small write-up that will straighten your thoughts and ideas about how to approach the Alexa factor from a webmaster’s point of view.

Many a times, I have seen web masters complaining on the Internet forums saying that their Alexa rank is stuck and not improving. We should understand the way Alexa rank is calculated – it ranks websites based on the users visiting the website with the Alexa toolbar installed and hence it’s not accurate! Especially when your website is not related to Internet based technical niche, there is a very rare chance that the users have the toolbar installed and this means that such visits are not counted.

The difference of toolbar visitors can result in a huge rank difference as most of the non technical websites have lower Alexa rank even though they might have huge traffic. My personal advice would be not to give Alexa rank much importance than a simple form of suggestion or inspiration and if you are seriously looking forward to learning to improve your Alexa rank, you could refer to my earlier article on how to improve your website’s Alexa rank.

Take home: if you are a webmaster owning a non technical niche website, you do not have to worry if your Alexa ranking is not improving as it’s not accurate. To track your progress use programs like google analytics or clicky.


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